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Marketing, public relations and communications strategies that get results.





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Each corporation has its own unique voice, internally, externally and otherwise. Smart organizations know how to speak the language of their employees, media and industry to maximize their impact where it matters most.


Making someone take action can be challenging, especially if an organization is not a household name. Marketing collateral is a powerful way to get companies, thought leaders and consumers to purchase your products or services.


The internet is an insatiable consumer of all things 'content'-related. In order to feed the beast, organizations must inspect every angle they can to share entertaining, compelling and newsworthy content to the people they value.



Whether an organization is looking to spread its Good Word via traditional media, social or influencers, it all starts with relationship building and ends by serving up targeted, compelling and truly newsworthy information.



It is not about having or attending an event; it is about owning the event. Smart companies know
how to maximize the moment to get the absolute most bang for their buck.


Be prepared. The old adage holds true for the Boy Scouts and is paramount for any organization that
wants to stay out of the news altogether during a crisis, or at least minimize the damage.



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(Jason) really has passion for music and guitars,

and really does walk the walk when not talking the talk at a very professional and conscientious level.”

– Billy Duffy, The Cult

"I worked with Jason over the course of two years while part of Intel's Maker & Innovator group. Jason was my main contact on the PR side and successfully guided media relations for two major product launches. He was a pleasure to work with, offering key insights to our marketing and engagement planning as well as post launch media coverage analytics."

- Kari Fredheim, Intel Corporation

Anyone would benefit from having Jason on their team, not only for his work ethic, team dedication, and great sense of humour, but also for his fantastic music suggestions!“I enjoyed working with Jason Farrell. He was always enthusiastic, professional and helpful with good energy."

– Johnny Marr, The Smiths, Solo Artist

“In my experience, Jason is the most savvy, conscientious and responsive public relations pro in the musical instruments industry.”

– Jon Levy, Premier Guitar

“I was impressed by Jason’s deep knowledge of the (Fender) brand,

his 24/7 availability and his genuine passion for his work.

He was a valuable asset who helped bring our segment to life.”

– Eric Noll, ABC World News Tonight

“Having worked with media relations reps from the

musical instrument industry for the better part of two decades,

I can wholeheartedly say that Jason is the best there is.”

– Tom Beaujour, Guitar Aficionado/Nuthouse Recordings


“I’ve worked with Jason many times over the years

and always found him to be a smart writer with an excellent

grasp of what we need, story-wise.”

– Jefferson Graham, USA Today


“J is one of the most reliable and organized PR professionals

I've had the pleasure to work with. … His incredible experience in both marketing and communications exceed beyond his job title.”

– Paul Riario, Guitar World


“I've worked with Jason for several years and he stands out

as one of the music industry's most capable PR execs.”

– Brian Majeski, Music Trades


“Jason has a great blend of insight, personality and

understanding. I've been working with him for years and

the experience is always a pleasurable one.”

– Jay Piccirillo, Sweetwater Sound


“There's a saying here at Fender that some folks in

the organization ‘Bleed Fender Red’, and Jason is most

certainly amongst that elite group.”

– Brad Traweek, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation


“Jason was an amazing collaborator (on GuitarMania),

managing all our requests with grace and kindness.

He helped guide the project to success.”

– Michelle Carver, United Way of Greater Cleveland


“I've found Jason to be the consummate professional, always willing to put in the extra effort required to take a project from good to excellent.”

– Ron Kronewitter, Fishman Transducers




Jason Farrell is a dynamic and seasoned marketing, public relations and communications strategist who has managed global teams and related campaigns generating positive, and oftentimes "historic", results for one of the most impactful universities in the U.S., a high-flying Fortune 50 company looking to change its narrative, and the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer. When he is not promoting his clients, he spends his time writing, playing, performing and recording music; swimming, cycling, and rooting for Seattle-based sports teams.


“What's made me excel as a musician for the last 40 years has allowed me to be a successful PR practitioner over the last 20 years. Music creation is all about relationship-building through the ultimate of communications tools: music. It’s about getting the best out of your bandmates to create and perform songs that resonate with your target audiences. In PR, like in music, I create win/win strategies that are compelling, newsworthy and get results.”

– Jason D. Farrell

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